Ladies are you into your football?
We are!
This you and your mates will love using:
Foldable for easy use. Handbag hangers: foldable for easy use. Bags/Jacket etc hangers: Our hangers are accessories that allow you to hang all of the above just about anywhere. As long as there is a flat surface to hold the hanger in place. Simply unfold, twist and pull the pin out then hook item onto surface. Bags, jackets, umbrellas and carrier bags can all be used with the hooks. STOP THEFT! What is precious stays next to you! Keeps your items off the floor and clean. They hold up to as heavy as 10-12 lbs (5-6kgs). Free pouch to keep inside your bag. Disco’s, pubs, restaurants and really good for cafes and bars with outside tables, keeping items clean in front of you, and off the pavement!
We also have matching key finders>

Football handbag hanger silver plated